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Smart Rehabilitation Solution – rebless™


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Benefits Of The Rehab Experience At Home

rebless™ allows patients to recover from the comfort of their own home. Perform therapy in an environment that is most comfortable and suitable to your needs.

Vicki Stevens
PT, NCS, Principal​, Puget Sound Neuro Recovery, Seattle, Washington

“Perfect solution for stroke rehab and neuroplasticity patients​​. Active mode helps to use rebless for continuous rehab​​. Saved records will allow you to track treatment progress​​. Satisfied with the structure of the device and its fitting​”

Kathy Meacham

“After retesting my patients MMT, I noticed an improvement in his bicep strength after a few times using the device.​ My TBI patient seems to like that it helps her feel more independent when using it.​”

Nawal Gurung
Head Coach and Technical Director​

“We aim to provide the best quality sports medicine care for our athletes. We are excited to use rebless to help them rehab during the early stages of their injury before getting back to the field.”

Jordan Windsor
Brain Injury Patient – Seattle, WA

“For the first time in 9 years, after a few session of using the REBLESS on my ankles, when I stood, my legs felt amazing!​

I normally have a lot of tone, and when I was standing,​ I felt like my legs were more normal, like they used to be before my brain injury.​

I am anxious to begin using the REBLESS on a daily basis to see what the results will be from daily use after a week, then after a month, then after many months.​

I feel like it has great potential to help me regain my mobility!”

Jamie Birmingham
PT, DPT, OCS Director of Rehab division​

“The team believes it is pretty easy to use. They plan to take more time today to work with it as a team.​ With brain injury patients, there are a lot of behavioral issues on top of lots of pain (good days and bad days), so we have to make day-to-day decisions on what a patient can handle/should do. ​

Some of our patients have Heterotopic ossification (presence of bone in soft tissue where bone normally does not exist) and I believe this could really help those patients that have large, overgrown, stiff joints to get some movement back by putting them on the device for hours at a time (while they are sleeping or watching TV). ​ I also believe this will help a lot for patients with edema.”

Rehabilitation Therapist

“rebless is a paradigm shift that allows step-by-step continuous rehabilitation at home.

Data, such as ROM, assistance, resistance, and the number of repetitions, permits the patient to track their improvements which increases their motivation to rehabilitate and gain neuromuscular control.

Functional rehabilitation now opens a new phase of rehabilitation where data can be remotely processed through robots.

rebless will provide the best solution for both patients and therapists.”

Collin Adu
DPT, PhD, GCS, MBA, FAAOMPT, Cert DN, Cert SMT, Osteopathic Practitioner President and Clinical Director​​​

“We treat a majority of telehealth patients, so we are excited to see how we can incorporate rebless (device) and rebless clinic into our treatments, especially for total knee replacements.”

David Bertone
PT, DPT, OCS Owner

“It is good that the rebless has both passive and active modes.​ I like the beep sound every time it reaches min and max ROM. The possibility of changing the speed levels make it more adjustable individually to each patient.​”

Kim Yeo-hyeong
Professor, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, Uijeongbu St. Mary’s Hospital

“rebless tele-rehab solution is very valuable as a smart home rehabilitation therapy when patients are returning to their homes and continue their rehabilitation after acute inpatient treatment.​ 

Assist as needed therapy, and continuous passive motion, opens up new possibilities for steady and repetitive rehabilitation in the community and at home where longstanding needs have been raised.”

Abraham Chamely
MD, Neurology department​​

“Our PT Team is very excited to start working with rebless. ​”

Charlie Glenn
PTS Physical Therapy

“With rebless, patients are also working hard on ankle exercises.”

Kyle Taft
Regional Director at Moriarty Physical Therapy

“My stroke, spinal muscular atrophy, and teenage cerebral palsy patients enjoy rebless rehabilitation, and not only the patient themselves, but also the caregivers who saw their recovery are very happy. “

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